Philip Moore and Brian Krans talk about how Phil broke his arm just before laying low in quarantine, cruising around our neighborhoods (separately) on some big wheels, and staying safe when going outside. Have something to say? Leave us a message at 415-569-0083. 

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Dr. Dave Tran, MD, is a rollerblader who also works with a vulnerable population during a pandemic. We talk about good skating tips during a global medical crisis, wearing masks while out and about, and the latest understanding of the coronavirus. 

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There’s a lot of information going on around the novel coronavirus, so Krans — who is now under a shelter-in-place — spoke to fellow rollerblading health reporter Alex Hogan of STAT News, a trustworthy source of health information. They talk about why the coronavirus is NOT the flu, how quickly it spreads, how being safe now could prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed, tips for skating during a pandemic, and more. 

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Daniel and Travis are the brains behind Blader Union, who will be live-streaming all of the action at the 10th Annual Pow-wow Pro/Am in lovely Jacksonville, Florida. If you can’t make it out to KONA March 12th through the 15th, you can check out all the action live at 

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The 10th Pow-wow Pro/Am is going down March 12-15 at the historic Kona Skate Park in Jacksonville, Fla. Blake Taylor talks with Phil and Krans about what to expect that long weekend, including the skaters and bands signed up to come, as well as pro tips on how to make the most out of your weekend. 

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Kevon Thompson is the host of This Week in Blade (or TWIB), a regular roundup of all things blading news available on YouTube and Blader Union. 

Phil and Krans talk with him about the show, including some behind-the-scenes aspects of how he puts it together and every various topic that enters our heads. 

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Jon Julio is the owner of Them, a longtime skating legend, and among the oldest professional athletes in all of sports, according to Wikipedia. 

Phil and Krans sit down with Jon to talk about creating and running a skate brand, ways to subsidize rollerblading, the 909s, ten years of Blading Cup and its sprawling qualifier series, blading hands, and more.

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Caleb Smith is a Team Rollerblade rider currently “ultraskating” the 470-mile journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles along California’s infamous Highway 1. Krans met up with Caleb at a taqueria in Half Moon Bay at the end of his first day to talk about preparing for  the trip, the little gear he brought with him, and the larger trip he’s training to complete.

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Dan Collins is a U.K.-born shredder who was visiting the U.S. last year to skate in the Blading Cup. Rock Town co-host Levi Sebastian caught up with him on the last leg of his adventure to talk about living in Australia, LAX's holding facilities, and much more. 

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We know it's been a long time, so Brian and Phil catch up on a variety of topics, including Phil now riding for Rollerblade, why a JSF pro skate is overdue, Be-Mag's blading awards, fake news, and more.

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