#69: The Ghost Ship Fire

On Dec. 2, 36 people were killed when a fire broke out during an electronic music show in a warehouse known as the Ghost Ship in Oakland's Fruitvale neighborhood. 

Oakland's arts and music community rallied in the wake of the tragedy, hosting benefits for families who lost loved ones, as well as attempting to protect other live-work spaces in a city with skyrocketing rents. 

Music from this episode was either performed or mixed by Johnny Igaz, a victim of the Ghost Ship fire. You can hear more of his music at https://soundcloud.com/nacktmusic

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#68: Michael Braud and Philip Moore

Philip Moore and Michael Braud are two southern gentlemen who have been skating and filming together over the last few weeks here in the Bay Area. We talk about Making America Blade Again, 2016 as a whole, and racism in fast food chains, and why pizza is not a vegetable.


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