We recently hosted a housewarming BBQ. Erick Garcia, Kennan Scott, and Korey Waikiki, and others wanted to say a few things. #JSF FilthJuice.com

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Stephen Babcock, a.k.a, The White Wolf, is a 19-year-old shredder from Brentwood, California. 

Steve’s been racking up some deals: winning the Amall Glen Cove comp, doing a trick tip on negative souls, and now a profile on FilthJuice.com. We talk the NWST, California’s new tobacco law, the Woodward West scholarship fund, and more.

Octavio "Paco" Montano joins us. Follow Steve as @thewhitewolf_ds. Check out Death Squad Blading, and Filth Juice as well.

This podcast is made possible thanks to our supporters on Patreon.

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The NWST 2016 started on June 2 in Missoula, MT. Featuring interviews with Cameron Talbott, Chemi Simiyu, Kellen Zinkgraf, Preston Villanueva, Dustin Jamieson, Zach Newton, Thomas McGovern, Jon Christopherson, Aaron Powell, and more.

This podcast was made possible by all of our supporters on Patreon, namely Basti Loreti and Dustin Jamieson, who were also on the trip.

To stay up to date on announcements for next years’ trip, check out the NWST Facebook page. Don’t forget to like the Rock Town Press Facebook page.

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