Erik Bailey and Kyler Martz are Boise blading brothers, to say the least. In this episode, Erik, a Valo pro for nearly 12 years, and Kyler, whose art is ubiquitous in blading, talk about taking second place in a booty-shaking competition, famous blading spots in Seattle, suitcase tattoo parlors, the highs of painting indoors without ventilation, puking in host bathrooms, mormon bladers, and more. 

This episode was recorded Dec. 27, 2014, in Erik's living room while the rest of his family was sleeping, so you're going to need to turn it up a bit. 

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RTP 08: A Constant Suicide

By request, Krans talks to himself about his first book, A Constant Suicide, including how the book came to be, what parts are true, and other things involved self-publishing a book. 

Music for the introduction and intermission courtesy of The Afterdarks. 

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