In this episode, we sit down with Matt "Murph D-O-Double-G" Murphy, the silent staple of the NorCal blading scene, on his 31st birthday to talk, among other things, royales in K2s, what it's like to live in Oakland, and what makes for good stand-up comedy. 

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#03: Living in a Van with Bret Easthouse

This episode was recorded on Oct. 22, 2014, inside a 1989 Toyota van, where blader Bret Easthouse lives and travels with his skateboarder-biting dog, Bubba. Bret explains the finer points of living in a van, how to find a good spot to sleep, and all the other fun stuff that comes with being a vagrant blader. Music provided by The Afterdarks.

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Welcome back for Episode 2!

This time on the Rock Town Podcast, Krans sits down with Matty, Jay, and Moose at their apartment on Mead Avenue, one of Oakland's most notrious drug havens. Besides open drug deals outside their living room windows, the boys talk lifelong flatrocker skating, the best riders to ever wear Salomans, living the dog's life, and other fun things. 

This episode features an unheard performance (recorded on a potato) by Blower in the former Shredweiser house on Campbell Street. 

This episode was recorded on Oct. 14, 2014. 

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To kick off the podcast, Krans sits down with Erick Garcia and Kennan Scott, JSF godfathers and the voices of The Blading Cup. On a Tuesday night in Kennan's garage, they share laughs while discussing what bladers they're excited to see at the Cup, Filth Juice, autoimmune disorders, the Bladies, what ingredients are needed for a dynamic blade-announcing duo, and, of course, the Triple Crown of Rollerblading. 

To see them live, come to downtown Santa Ana, Calif., on Nov. 1 for the fourth installment of The Blading Cup. For more information, see

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Go rollerblade. It's good for you. 

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