Octavio, better known as Paco, loved his time in Montana during the NWST so much he’s moving there next month. We discuss Montana, food, blading styles, wheel manufacturers, potentially racist nicknames, and much more. This podcast is made possible by our supporters on Patreon. Don’t forget to like our stupid Facebook page.

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The Forecast Trade Show was held July 9 at the Skate House in Chatsworth, Calif. Feat. interviews with Michael Obedoza, Dave Lang, Matt Mickey, Robert Lievanos, Geoff Acers, Erick Garcia, Gil T, Brad and Chad Anthony, and more. 

This podcast is made possible by our supporters on Patreon, namely newcomers Sean O’Dalaigh and Brad Osantoski. Please like our stupid Facebook page.

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Steve Collis (UK) and Patrick Ridder (DE) spent some time in the USA lately, so we talked about the European Union and its feelings about rollerblading.

Follow them on social as @cidylife and @patrickridder (and our FB page).

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We recently hosted a housewarming BBQ. Erick Garcia, Kennan Scott, and Korey Waikiki, and others wanted to say a few things. #JSF FilthJuice.com

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Stephen Babcock, a.k.a, The White Wolf, is a 19-year-old shredder from Brentwood, California. 

Steve’s been racking up some deals: winning the Amall Glen Cove comp, doing a trick tip on negative souls, and now a profile on FilthJuice.com. We talk the NWST, California’s new tobacco law, the Woodward West scholarship fund, and more.

Octavio "Paco" Montano joins us. Follow Steve as @thewhitewolf_ds. Check out Death Squad Blading, and Filth Juice as well.

This podcast is made possible thanks to our supporters on Patreon.

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The NWST 2016 started on June 2 in Missoula, MT. Featuring interviews with Cameron Talbott, Chemi Simiyu, Kellen Zinkgraf, Preston Villanueva, Dustin Jamieson, Zach Newton, Thomas McGovern, Jon Christopherson, Aaron Powell, and more.

This podcast was made possible by all of our supporters on Patreon, namely Basti Loreti and Dustin Jamieson, who were also on the trip.

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Kai Carlson-Wee is a rollerblader originally from Minnesota and is the Jones Lecturer in Poetry at Stanford University. He’s most known for his skating in the Life Plus series, where he and his brother, Anders, skated the wilderness, including grinding and wallriding trees. We talk about his short documentary, Riding the Highline, which took first place at the Napa Valley Film Festival last year, homemade skate parks, working as a writer in the 21st century, and why Fargo sucks. Follow him on Instagram as @kaicarlsonwee.

Support for the Rock Town Podcast comes via Patreon, including Trudy, Dustin, Edward, Jose, Nate, Steve, Alexander, and Zach.

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Jon Julio has been a pro skater for more than half his life, and is the man behind the Valo Brand, Them Goods, and the Blading Cup. 

On this episode, Jon answers questions from the /r/rollerblading community about the relationship between Valo and Roces, the likelihood of a Fifth Element reboot, the status of the industry, and more. Jon and I also talk about his new storefront, the Blading Cup, the new Forecast trade show, and taking pride in being a rollerblader.

Check out Valo-Brand.com, Them Goods, and swing on down to the Blading Cup.

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#51: Trap House (feat. Ivan Narez)

Krans talks to himself inside his new place about messing up a podcast with Jon Julio, donating to Schmidty’s Ramp & Camp, buying but not watching Cayenne, and more. He’s soon joined by his former and current roommate, Ivan Narez. They talk about adult stuff like buying vans, taxes, credit, and Valo 6. (patreon.com/citizenkrans)

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Yay! It's episode 50, but it's not all celebration: the Rock Town Garage is closing down. Well, it's moving at least. Krans talks about losing his house, where he's going, podcasting, and, of course, season two of Daredevil.

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