Hailing from Denver, Ian Walker is an avid filmmaker, the king of the Scumpire, and an overall really nice weirdo. Our conversation goes many places, not stopping shy of guns, gimps, and other family-friendly topics. Danny Malm and Taylor Kobryn add to the catastrophe that is this episode.

While none of our episodes to date have been appropriate to do so, this episode—in particular—shouldn’t be played out loud at work or around children. Unless, of course, you work from home and your kid is cool.

 The song at the break is Violent Shiver, by Benjamin Booker.

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#69: The Ghost Ship Fire

On Dec. 2, 36 people were killed when a fire broke out during an electronic music show in a warehouse known as the Ghost Ship in Oakland's Fruitvale neighborhood. 

Oakland's arts and music community rallied in the wake of the tragedy, hosting benefits for families who lost loved ones, as well as attempting to protect other live-work spaces in a city with skyrocketing rents. 

Music from this episode was either performed or mixed by Johnny Igaz, a victim of the Ghost Ship fire. You can hear more of his music at https://soundcloud.com/nacktmusic

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#66: Trump and the Riots

In this episode, host Brian Krans talks to himself about covering the 2016 election, rollerblading through the protests and riots that followed in Oakland, and the ramifications of underestimating the "fly over states."

The music at the second break is "The Last Days of Oakland" by the Fantastic Negrito. (You should buy the full album.)

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Matt Lewis is the founding editor of the zine-turned-literary journal, The Radvocate, which publishes poems, fiction, non-fiction, art, photography, and illustrations by bladers and non-bladers alike. A publication of So Say We All, a non-profit in San Diego, it recently released it’s 14th issue.

We talk over Skype about how the magazine went from a Kinko’s copy-and-staple publication that started with a joke about a Xsjado ad to becoming a publication you can find at some of the best bookstores in the country.

This and all episodes of the Rock Town Podcast are made possible thanks to ourour supporters on PatreonTrudy, Dustin, Edward, Jose, Nate, Steve, Alexander, Zach, Basti, Jon, Levi, Sean, Brad, and Ivan.


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We recently hosted a housewarming BBQ. Erick Garcia, Kennan Scott, and Korey Waikiki, and others wanted to say a few things. #JSF FilthJuice.com

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#51: Trap House (feat. Ivan Narez)

Krans talks to himself inside his new place about messing up a podcast with Jon Julio, donating to Schmidty’s Ramp & Camp, buying but not watching Cayenne, and more. He’s soon joined by his former and current roommate, Ivan Narez. They talk about adult stuff like buying vans, taxes, credit, and Valo 6. (patreon.com/citizenkrans)

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Yay! It's episode 50, but it's not all celebration: the Rock Town Garage is closing down. Well, it's moving at least. Krans talks about losing his house, where he's going, podcasting, and, of course, season two of Daredevil.

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Dr. Hazel Bain is a Scottish solar physicist who recently returned from a three-month expedition to Antarctica with NASA to launch the G.R.I.P.S. balloon. It gathered data about gamma radiation from the sun. We discuss her research, growing up a “jock geek,” science communication, and more. Follow Dr. Bain on twitter: @hazbain

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Tony Watt is an American journalist, fiction writer, and book character. He and host Brian Krans covered crime and courts for a Midwest newspaper for three years, so when they plug in their mics they talk about making it as a journalist in the 21st century, what’s important when visiting Northern California, and whether it’s worth it.  To support the podcast, please shop at rocktownpress.com.

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#27: The Oakland Blade Jam

The Oakland Blade Jam was a community event and skating competition held Sept. 19 at Town Park in West Oakland. This episode features interviews and commentary with Matt Mickey, Michael “Obe” Obedoza, Megan Petersen, Ivan Narez, Erick Garcia, Gene Steagall, and Kennan Scott, the MC with a Masters Degree.

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Intro music is “Devils Poker” and the outro music is “I Ain’t Dead Yet,” both by The Afterdarks.

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